Event: Oct. 26, 2006

Grand Opening of "Haus Appenzell" and exhibition opening "Carl Walter Liner"

On 26th October 2006, in the heart of Zurich on Bahnhofstrasse 43, the Ernst Hohl Cultural Foundation was inaugurated and Haus Appenzell opened in the presence of official representatives of Appenzell Ausserrhoden and Appenzell Innerrhoden as well as 300 guests. They were entertained by shepherds ringing cow-bells, the singers of the Chrobeg Choir Gonten, and Töbi Tobler playing the dulcimer. 

At the same time, Haus Appenzell’s first exhibition opened, presenting landscape paintings by Carl Walter Liner (1914–1997). The exhibition was curated by Peter Killer, St. Gallen, and accompanied by an illustrated catalogue (texts Peter Killer).