The eastern part of Switzerland – in particular the two cantons Appenzell Ausserrhoden and Innerrhoden and the region of Toggenburg – is blessed with exceptionally rich cultures and deserves to be presented to a wider public. The Ernst Hohl Cultural Foundation acts as a showcase for said cultures and initiates and promotes various activities in Zurich, Switzerland, and abroad. In particular, the foundation: 

  • promotes the culture of eastern Switzerland nationally and internationally and provides a platform for foreign cultures; 
  • provides a “Zurich showcase” for the culture of Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Innerrhoden, and Toggenburg, using the premises of the former Ernst Hohl & Co. on St. Peterstrasse 16/Bahnhofstrasse 43; 
  • organises exhibitions and other events in line with its mission on the premises. 

The Ernst Hohl Cultural Foundation seeks to cooperate with organisations and foundations that have a similar mission in order to be able to realise larger and more sustainable projects.