The eastern part of Switzerland – namely the cantons Appenzell Ausserrhoden and Innerrhoden and the region of Toggenburg – is is rich in culture and deserves to be presented to a wider public. The Ernst Hohl Cultural Foundation as the patron of Haus Appenzell acts as a showcase for said cultures and initiates and promotes various activities in Zurich, Switzerland, and abroad. In particular, the foundation: 

  • promotes the culture of eastern Switzerland nationally and internationally and provides a platform for foreign cultures,
  • provides a "Zurich showcase" for the culture of Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Innerrhoden, and Toggenburg, using the premises of the former Ernst Hohl & Co. on St. Peterstrasse 16/Bahnhofstrasse 43,
  • organises exhibitions and other events in line with its mission on the premises. 

The Ernst Hohl Cultural Foundation seeks to cooperate with organisations and foundations that have a similar mission in order to be able to realise larger and more sustainable projects.

Unlike other foundations, we do not provide financial support for projects. We act as promoters and provide support in the form of our infrastructure, our network, our know-how, and our enthusiasm for the brand "Appenzell".