Ernst Hohl – Founder and initiator

Ernst Hohl, born and bred in Zurich, has kept in touch with his Appenzell roots in many ways. For years he has commuted between Urnäsch AR and Zurich. He is therefore thoroughly familiar with the urban and the rural world and has established numerous ties between them. In 2006, Ernst Hohl donated the building on Bahnhofstrasse 43/St. Peterstrasse 16 to the Ernst Hohl Cultural Foundation Appenzell (created the same year) naming it Haus Appenzell. His activities as interior designer, entrepreneur, initiator of many projects, art supporter and collector have enabled him to build a large network which extends as far as China – a country which has long fascinated and inspired him with passion. Ernst Hohl and his team have organised many exciting and unique cultural exchanges, experiments, and encounters of great quality and variety that can only be experienced at Haus Appenzell.