Event: Jan. 5, 2017

New Year's Concert 2017


At this New Year's Concert, tree very special musicians established a link between the current exhibition at the Haus Appenzell and traditional music: Nicolas Senn (Hammered dulcimer), Thomas Niggli (Indian Sitar) and Sandro Friedrich (Chinese flutes) brought together India, China and the Appenzell in an indeed surprising and enchanting manner. The numerous guests listened banned to the unusual harmony of Eastern and Western sounds, with which the three renowned musicians filled the house. Music, Tolstoy once said, is a "stenography of sentiment" - and many of those present would have agreed with him after the concert. Where different traditions meet in music, there is indeed no need for interpreters, nor long words. As proof might be considered how passionately the guests sung along: "Berewegge, Chäs und Brot" (a traditional folk song from Appenzell) affects ones heart also on Chinese and Indian instruments. A very lively applause and two encores prove how skillfully Nicolas Senn, Thomas Niggli and Sandro Friedrich played on the emotional heartstrings of the spectators, and how enthusiastically their performance was received. A performance, which can without hesitation be described as a veritable musical cultural tour through China, India and the “Appenzellerland”.