Alpine ascent

In Appenzellerland it's time to go to the alps again: Solemnly the alpine dairymen move up to the alp with their cattle and spend the summer months there.


Arts and craft combined

Established by the Ernst Hohl Cultural Foundation in the centre of Zurich in 2006, Haus Appenzell represents a showcase for Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Appenzell Innerrhoden and the region of Toggenburg. Our aim is to bring the traditional and contemporary arts, crafts, and way of life as cultivated and lived in the region around Mount Säntis to urban Zurich, to the Swiss public in general, and to other countries. Housed in a beautiful neo-Renaissance building, we show the rich culture and manifold traditions of the region, combine them with foreign cultures, and promote them nationally and internationally.


Haus Appenzell is currently closed.

From 16 September to 28 November 2020 the exhibition "Sugar lick and flour pastries", which was closed prematurely due to corona, will be reopened and extended.

We look forward to your visit soon and wish you a pleasant summer!


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