Exhibition: Oct. 23, 2015 to March 19, 2016

Silvesterkläuse I Glöckler I Klausjäger
Spectacular Headdress in National Custom

From 23rd October 2015 to 19th March 2016 the Ernst Hohl Cultural Foundation presents three fascinating national customs from Switzerland and Austria. The visitor enters the world of the Silvesterklausen (Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Switzerland), the Glöcklerlauf (Ebensee, Austria), and the Klausjagen (Küssnacht a.R., Switzerland). Besides numerous examples of the spectacular headdress - which are typical for those three old traditions - one can also discover various bells and utensils that guarantee an atmospheric 31st December and 13th January, a wonderful Glöcklerlauf (5th January), and an impressive Klaustag (5th December). The unique exhibition shows how the artistic headdresses are created and explores the origin, the significance, and the parallels of the three customs.


Impressions of the opening night of 22nd Oct. 2015



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