Exhibition: Oct. 24, 2014 to March 28, 2015

Needle-Art Hand embroidery from China and Switzerland

For centuries, embroidery has formed part of the customs of many regions worldwide. Every country, every region has developed its own characteristics. The exhibits on display ranged from children’s bonnets to insoles and from white to colourful. Some of them bore significant symbolic meaning, others were purely beautiful to look at. The garments, accessories, everyday objects and ornaments that could be admired in the exhibition had been skillfully embroidered by members of various Chinese nationalities and by Swiss women, respectively. They demonstrated vividly how a traditional craft is practised in different cultures. Furthermore, the exhibition offered a glimpse at the latest embroidery trends in fashion design. 
We thank the Textilmuseums St. Gallen, the Museums Appenzell, the Toggenburger Museums Lichtensteig and Bischoff Textil AG, St. Gallen, for their support.



Impressions of the opening night of 23rd Oct. 2014



The exhibition catalogue (in German) can be ordered here.


"Yu Hao, Ernst Hohl and their team have created a fantastic exhibition which does not only celebrate the artistry of various peoples but also tells a fascinating story." (Appenzeller Volksfreund)

"The colourfully embroidered insoles (...) that lead the way through the exhibition are an ingenious feature." (Appenzeller Magazin)