Exhibition: Oct. 2, 2013 to Feb. 1, 2014

A mosaic of a different kind – looking at Appenzellerland from the inside and the outside

Appenzell joined the Swiss Confederation 500 years ago, in 1513. To mark this occasion, curator Yu Hao combined works created by artists from Appenzell (Ueli Alder, Stefan Inauen, Ludwig Stocker) and China (Feng Shan Yun, Hua Yue Xiu, Qiao Xiao Guang, Wang Tian Wen, Wang Hai Yan, Liu Jia Wen, Wu Wen Zhi) that showed different perspectives on the history and legends of the region of Appenzell. The exhibition presented sculptures depicting Appenzell’s division into two separate cantons, photographs staging the inspiring landscapes, as well as Chinese paper-cuttings and patchwork-art, presenting an outsider’s view on the local characteristics and customs. Like parts of a mosaic, the various elements of the exhibition made up a fascinating picture of a colourful part of Switzerland. 

Another focus lay on the Chinese art of shadow puppet play. In a unique performance, the traditional Chinese puppets were complemented by figures that had Chinese features but wore costumes uniting traditional Appenzell cuts with symbolic Chinese patterns. 

Thus, Haus Appenzell again bridged the gap between two very different cultures and between East and West.


The exhibition catalogue (in German) can be ordered here.