Exhibition: Oct. 28, 2010 to Jan. 29, 2011

A Site with a View

Willy Fässler, Sonnenau Steinegg Appenzell (*1926): Willy Fässler’s way of depicting his beloved home region, the canton of Innerrhoden, was absolutely unique. The beholder can only marvel and maybe quietly smile at his distinctive paintings, whose choice of colours reminds them of a painted Appenzeller farmhouse or the colourfully garnished gingerbread traditionally baked at Christmas time. 

Johann Hautle, Chuterenegg Gonten (*1945): Johann Hautle is a rural painter whose farming life still resembles the one depicted in his paintings – a life reminding us of the 19th century rather than the present age. He has long become a living legend: humorous, slightly mischievous or silent when there’s nothing to say. At first sight, his paintings – using dark and luscious shades of green, brown, and red – resemble the classics of Appenzeller rural painting of the 19th and early 20th century. 

Paul Hüberli, Stofelrain Teufen (*1928): Hüberli admires the expressionist and Paul Klee, loves the Alpstein mountain range and Appenzellerland with its fast changing weather and lighting conditions. He endeavours to unite these elements in his paintings and succeeds in a refreshing and non-academic way. Having been forced into “regulatory precision” in his working life with Swiss Federal Railways, he has freed himself from any form of constraint in his life as an artist.


Impressions of the opening night of 27th Oct. 2010



The exhibition catalogue (in German) can be ordered here.