Exhibition: Oct. 28, 2011 to March 3, 2012

Hans Krüsi

Haus Appenzell proudly presented the collection of artworks by Hans Krüsi, newly acquired by the Cantonal Art Collection Appenzell Ausserrhoden. 

Hans Krüsi (1920–1995) grew up in Speicher, Appenzell Ausserrhoden. Later on, he lived and worked as a farmhand and gardener in St. Gallen from where he commuted daily by train to Zurich for almost thirty years in order to sell flowers on Bahnhofstrasse. He also sold postcards that he designed himself and soon attracted the attention of the art world. In the 1980s, Krüsi gradually advanced to become an acclaimed artist who created numerous works of art, of which a large portion was presented at Haus Appenzell in the centre of Zurich. Hans Krüsi thus returned to Bahnhofstrasse.


Impressions of the opening night of 27th Okt. 2011



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