Event: Oct. 5, 2017

Exhibition opening "Tiny Big World"


On October 5th 2017, the atmospheric opening of the exhibition "Tiny Big World" took place in the presence of many celebrities. Among others, the President of the Council of States Ivo Bischofberger, the Presidents of the cantonal executive Paul Signer and Roland Inauen, the Presidents of the cantonal councils of Ausserrhoden and St. Gallen, Florian Hunziker and Ivan Louis, as well as the President of the Innerrhoder cantonal parliament Sepp Neff were present. The approximately two hundred invited guests enjoyed the miniature shops from the Wick-Willi Collection and the Hairy Monkey miniatures from China, which the curator Yu Hao charmingly related to each other in her speech at the exhibition opening with a large magnifying glass in her hand.

The event was accompanied by the "Trio Miniature", which was created especially for this evening and consisted of Geni Good (accordion), Otto Manhart (bass) and Lorenz Schnyder (clarinet/saxophone), who filled the museum rooms with Chinese and eastern Swiss sounds.