Event: Oct. 27, 2021

Re-opening exhibition "Trash-Art"

On 27 October 2021, the exhibition "Trash Art: Artistic confrontations with man, waste and society" celebrated its re-opening at Haus Appenzell. After the vernissage in spring fell through due to the pandemic, the invitation to the re-opening in compliance with the COVID certificate obligation met with great approval among the approximately 70 invited guests – among them political celebrities such as the Stillstehender Landammann from Appenzell Innerrhoden, Roland Inauen, President of the Innerrhoden Cantonal Council Theres Durrer, Cantonal Councillor Paul Signer from Ausserrhoden, President of the Zurich Cantonal Council Benno Scherrer as well as Xiang Shihai, the new Cultural Representative of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Switzerland.

After a ceremonial welcome, the President of the Foundation, Ernst Hohl, handed over the floor to the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China in Switzerland, Wang Shihting, who spoke about the successful artistic cooperation between the Ernst Hohl Cultural Foundation Appenzell and the China Academy of Art. Benedikt Würth, member of the Council of States of the Canton of St. Gallen, took over and drew a bow to Eastern Switzerland as a multifaceted economic and cultural location – among other things, the cradle of the Museum im Lagerhaus, which complemented the exhibition at Haus Appenzell with its loans from the collection of the Foundation for Swiss Naive Art and Art Brut. The exhibition curator Hao Hohl-Yu used concrete examples to show similarities and differences in the values and social imprint of Eastern and Western cultures and generations, and reflected on the globally explosive issue of waste from a sociological and artistic perspective.

The re-opening celebration was accompanied musically by Georg Wiesmann. The tinkerer and multi-instrumentalist from Nidau (BE) explored the sound potential of construction and waste materials with his self-created wind and percussion instruments – surprising, funny and fascinating!

Photos: Simone Imhof Photostories